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Switch Flops, Sandals, Shoes, Straps, Snaps, and More

Switch Flop Interchangeable Straps and Snaps

About Lindsay Phillips and the SwitchFlop Brand

Lindsay Phillips is the creative mastermind behind SwitchFlops. A quote from Lindsay Phillips herself says it best, “Change your look, not your sole.” The idea behind SwitchFlops is simple: create a functional flop for everyday use that can be used with interchangeable straps and snaps. Hook-and-loop fasteners and Velcro are the essence behind this brainstorm. With the variety of straps and snaps in all different colors and designs SwitchFlops cornered the sandal market with the beauty of a single shoe with many possibilities in looks and styles.
Lindsay Phillips began her journey in her high school days where she continuously sharpened her idea down to perfection and was able to implement it later in college. Lindsay has traveled the world, where her journeys gave her inspiration to encourage her passion. SwitchFlops made its debut in the year of 2007 and has been increasing in popularity ever since.

SwitchFlops Straps and SwitchFlops Snaps

The notion of only having to purchase a couple of base sandals or base flops while increasing your shoe wardrobe without spending a lot of money really caught on with shoe collectors. You can literally wear a different style of switchflops every day without dropping lots of money or decreasing your closet size. The SwitchFlops straps and snaps can fit neatly in a small space when being stored. Any Switchflops collector can have an endless supply of trendy shoes for all seasons and occasions.

The changing of the seasons brings about a new line of SwitchFlops straps and SwitchFlops snaps. And with every new line also in turn brings about retired pieces. These SwitchFlops retired pieces are on sale and marked as such. Once they are put on the retired list, the straps and snaps go pretty quick. Check back often on our website to see the discounted selections.

Other SwitchFlops Accessories

Since Lindsay Phillips conquered the shoe world, she branched out into other clothing and accessories. Handbags and scarves have quickly gained popularity. Each season brings about a new colorful line. The handbags come in all shapes and sizes, from tote bags to hobo bags to smaller dressier purses in an array of colors. The scarves vary from season to season with their design. All the Lindsay Phillips scarves are created to look perfect in any style you choose to wear it in: The muffler style, were the scarf is wrapped a little tight around your neck; the tie style, were the scarf is loosely tied with a dangle down the middle; the loop style, with a tightly tied or looped in the middle of your neck; or lastly the classic style, were the scarf is simply looped, not tied only once around your neck.